Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cover Art?

I hope so. I sent images of the DIGEST Installation to Fiberarts Magazine today. I would be happy with even a mention of my work, but, a cover would be nice. This particular piece (VILLI #18, constructed using old textbooks, thread, staples, and wax, measuring 11"x8"x5") has had a 'meltdown' of sorts. I have been storing these pieces in the window of my studio. The wax melts not down or off the piece, but instead, melts INTO the paper, making it even cooler to look at because you can see the words and letters more clearly. I am able to control the melting by rotating the pieces and what side gets the full sun (much like sunbathing, I suppose) So, the cool thing is that these photos are like a moment in time kinda picture which I think is pretty cool.

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