Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Artomatic 2007 Installation photos

Here are some photos of the DIGEST series in their latest incarnation; Artomatic 2007. The work is attached to a large pillar, about 20" wide on each side. There are about 50 pieces in this installation. The elements are made of textbook pages and beeswax and they are painted and covered with babypowder. Yes, that is the Capitol Building, Washington Monument and National Airport that you can see in the distance.

Tonight is the last chance for folks to get their stuff up at Artomatic and there was a great buzz in the air!

Unfortunately, at the last minute the Inspector said no to the use of timers and I had to dash to Best Buy (ugh) to get myself a surge protector. I don't know how folks' lights will get plugged in, I guess that will get worked out somehow. Great minds.....

Anyway, Artomatic opens on Friday. If you are anywhere near DC get yourself over and check out some great art and some great community spirit as well. You can check out my work in room 6R01.

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Scenic Artisan said...

i LOVE your installation nice work.