Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Greetings From Sunny California

I am doing a residency in sunny Yuba City, California. The local school district in partnership with Woodleaf School and the Kiwanis Club have brought me here to do a series of workshops culminating in a community art project at "Hawk Flight" a Earth Day themed festival at the Yuba City fairgrounds on April 21st.

The pictures I have posted are the garden at the school I visited today, Barry School. (which was the school my best friend went to as a child) This garden is used as a teaching school by Mr.D. Mr.D teaches math, science, art and many other subjects out in his beautiful garden. When I toured the garden,the students were particularly interested in showing me their chickens they raised from chicks, including "Blackbeard", the first to lay an egg. we also went through the gardens eating edible flowers and sugar snap peas. yum!

Mr. D also got a grant for a free solar panel from PG&E that powers all of the electricity down at the garden area. he said most of the time the panel is running the meter backward, making money for the school. What an inspiration he is! What lucky kids the students at Barry are to have him.

Thanks Barry School! I had a great day. I will post some pictures and further decribe my project in tomorrow's post.

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