Wednesday, April 4, 2007

JCC Omer Counter

As part of my Americorps residency last year at the Baltimore Jewish Community Center, I collaborated with several JCC community groups to make an Omer counter. The Omer is the 49 days on the Jewish Calendar between the Jewish Holidays of Passover and the Giving of the Torah (Shavout). We created two Omer Counters, one for the Owings Mills JCC and another for the Park Heights JCC. Each project started by collecting keys from JCC members. We then decorated the keys with paint, glitter, etc. Each key was then fastened to a ribbon. The ribbon is tied up on a bar. Each day that is counted a ribbon is released. These counters hang is public spaces in the JCC so the community can count the Omer together. The pictures posted are of the Omer counter rolled up, ready to be counted. I will post a picture of the Omer fully unrolled as we get closer to Shavout.

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Laurie Lazar said...

This is such a beautiful concept and project. Thank you for sharing!!

Boulder, CO