Sunday, April 22, 2007

Recycled Nest from Hawk Flight

We had a great day at Hawk Flight 2007! I had many kids helping me work on the nest for our eggs. The first photo is the beginning of the day. The structure is some sticks I gathered at my hosts yard and pipe cleaners. This structure measured about 4"x3"x5". Then...the fun began. The kids used recycled yarn, plastic bags, cotton webbing,etc and wrapped it into a nest. Some parents even got into the action! These pictures tell the whole story, we had fun. The final part of the project was placingthe eggs into the nest,they fit perfectly. What a nice sculpture for the people of Yuba City BY the people of Yuba City. Thanks to the Woodleaf Foundation and YSDI for funding my residency, I had a great time!!!

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Birdsong said...

I was searching for more information on Hawk Flight and was delighted by these sculptural nests! I have also viewed your suitcase sculpture at the Sac airport... are you now residing in DC?