Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dukes "Shoe Tree" is UP!!!!

It took a 20' ladder, and four people, but I think "Shoe Tree" is up to stay. This piece was created for SITEPROJECTS DC, a project of WPA/C Curated by WELMOED LAANSTRA. The opening is this Friday, July 15th from 7-9 at the Black Cat. I specifically created "Shoe Tree" for Irving "Duke" Johnson as an abstract portrait of a man who is a center for the 14th street corridor of Washington, DC. As we installed (as with every time I have visited with Duke) people came in to speak with Duke and lingered and did what so many do in a community, connect.

This is a picture my husband took of the piece, with Duke, myself and Sam, our friendly DC govenment employee who helped us find and transport a ladder tall enough to install the piece. So, go by Dukes, check out some art, and get some shoes repaired. Maybe stay a while and chat, he is a wonderful man.

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