Thursday, July 5, 2007

Delaware Center for Contemporary Art MFA Biennial

This was a terrific show! I took a few pictures of my favorites. The first is Valerie Molnar with her painted relief "Number 13 2007". The next image is of Natasha Bowdain's "I am the Sun in the Morning, I am a Dog at Night" a multi-media piece that really jumps out at you. Another standout was Anthony Cloe. His beautiful placement of broken glass in "Anamorph Form" was lovely. Last, but not least,Sara Hubbs with "Ten Pounds of Semester" Her piece was very cool (pictured here at the bottom). It is a ball full of items from an entire semester tightly woven together and then cut in half. My favorite piece, I think her and I see the world in a similar way. If you are passing through Wilmington this Summer, stop by and check out this show. It runs until September 9th.

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shubbs said...

Hi Elizabeth-
My boyfriend was googling the MFA Biennial and came across your blog and forwarded it on to me. Thanks so much for your comment on my work. I looked through your site and really find your work interesting and the concepts in some way akin to my philosophy as well! The materials are rich and the construction is both wild and meticulous....

Take care,
Sara Hubbs