Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Community Art at Chicago's Millenium Park

During our trip we visited the Millenium Park in Chicago. Truly inspiring!!! There were two pieces there that have captivated the city of Chicago, and visitors as well.
The first piece is called "Cloud Gate" by Anish Kapoor. I had seen pictures of this piece, but pictures cannot give you the FEELING you get standing beside and under and interacting with the piece. Everyone was enjoying finding their reflection and taking pictures. There was even a guy taking a picture of his pregnant wife's belly against the piece. Chicagoans have even given it a nickname, 'the bean'. "Cloud Gate" is truely wonderful art that interacts with the community it is set in.
The second piece I found at the Millenium Park was "Crown Fountain" by Jaume Plensa. This piece was the center of attraction on a hot summer day. This fountain is like no other I have ever seen, first of all, people are ALLOWED to get wet. Children in bathing suits, adults getting wet in their clothes, it was lovely! Then, there is the way the water is delivered, by large images of everyday people (community members?) spitting the water out of their pursed lips! What better way to form community then by running through a sprinkler on a hot summers day? Thanks, Chicago, we had a great time!! (even though the Cubs lost)

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