Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Greenbelt PTA "Bookmobile" wins second prize in the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Parade!

This is a picture of the Greenbelt Elementary School PTA's entry in the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Parade. The kids decorated my car with many book covers, recycled from last year's book sale. On the back, riding in style are Anne Gardner, PTA president and Kim Sidel, The new principal at Greenbelt Elementary School. I made hats out of old books for everyone to wear, and as part of the parade, we had kids handing out books from the sale (Instead of candy). It was a lot of fun, I had been hoping for an opportunity to get that convertible in a parade and the PTA provided it! The PTA used book sale had a record breaking year and I got a lot more books to use for future projects!

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