Sunday, January 13, 2008

Art Residency at Lucy Barnesley Elementary School

Here are a few photos from my first week of sessions with the kids at Lucy Barnesley Elementary School in Rockville, Maryland. I am working with them through a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council's Artist in Education Program. The students will be creating Dr. Suess-like sculptures based on my "Villi" pieces from the digest series. This is what I love about being a community Artist! It allows me to take the work I am currently working on in the studio and teach it to a group of people, in this case students. I always learn more about my own process and I get a lot of interesting feedback as well. The best quote from this week was the kid who came into the classroom and looked at my paper and wax sculptures and shreeked "TAPEWORMS!!!" Honestly, I had never made that connection.

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