Monday, February 25, 2008


I checked out the American Craft show this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center. My Graduate School pal, Rachel Robinson and I perused the stalls and even bought a few things!! Here are a few crafters who stood out.

The first is Lacey Jane Roberts she had this cool neon pink installation on display at the very front of the show. This installation, called "WE COULDN'T GET IN. WE COULDN'T GET OUT" was pretty cool and really unlike most of the fiber work to be found INSIDE the show. Hooray for her and for the American Craft Council for emphasizing new, edgy work by emerging artists!!

The second artist who cought my eye was Cindy Luna. This artist travels to Baltimore all the way from Hawaii with her beautiful, simple stainless steel baskets. These pieces are not only affordable, but they really have a peaceful presence about them, just like thier creator. Rachel bought one, and I have one from a previous yeaar.

The third picture is of ceramacist Lois Arnow. She make beautiful porcelain work with white and black glazes that are stunning. Here is a picture of me purchasing a lovely sugar bowl for my kitchen.

The last picture is work by Recycled artist Elizabeth Delehaunty. Her line of clothing, called ELIZABETHAN is created using entirely recycled fabrics. I so believe in this sort of thing. There was way to little of this type of work at the fair, next year I hope to see more emphasis on recycled items. This year they gave the recycled craftspeople a GreenCraft logo, which is definately a start.

Why do I buy things at the ACC? I feel very strongly that, as artists we should support one another. I try to keep the good art Karma going. Whenever I sell a work, I purchase another work from someone else. It makes their day, and I get something that reminds me of how lucky I am to live the life I live.

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