Tuesday, April 1, 2008

" A Tribute to Fiber Art" Photos

I showed up a little late to the opening of "Tribute to Fiber Art" on Saturday. I did take a few pictures, however. I also took a few photos of pieces I particularly liked.
The first is coiled wires sculptures by Marla S. Rudnick. These pieces look so light, like you would break them if you touched them. But, I am sure they are very sturdy and the feeling is based on the thin wire she used.
My next favorite in the exhibit was the work of Susan Callahan Dugard (love the three names!). Her pieces were whimsical and fun. The colors and assembleges of her quilts were really great and reflected the context of her work which is our relationship with food. She's a CHEF!! get it?
Anyway, go by and see this show at the Blackrock Center for the Arts if you are in the Germantown, Maryland. It is up until April 22nd.

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