Monday, July 21, 2008

reincarnations @ 1111

reincarnations: Artworks created from found objects and recycled materials.

Imagination reigns in this mixed-media show of artworks made from found objects and recycled and rejuvenated parts of already-made articles. Ingenuity, originality, wit and vision characterize the 30+ artists who will be featured in this show, curated by veteran collectors Linda and Steven Krensky. Commenting on the exhibit, Krensky said, “For the most part, we chose the pieces based on the artists’ unusual interpretations and ability to create art from rather ordinary materials. Some of the pieces are beautiful, some amuse and others amaze.” Just about anything goes in this striking exhibit of pieces that share artistic fusion and the ability to capture the eye and intellect of those who view them. You’ll see working musical instruments made

July 23 – September 28, 2008 Meet the Artists: Wednesday, July 23, 5:30-8:30pm Grif Bates Chuck Baxter Adam Bradley Chris Bransome Melissa Burley Carolyn Cates Scott Cawood Randall Cleaver Steven Dobbin Lee Connah Rosetta DeBerardinis Laura Dixon Roger Doyle Kristin Eager Stephanie Garon Goldberg Ed Gross Jason Higgins Andrew Krieger SuAnne Lasher Ara Laughlin Susan Makara Forrest McCluer Bodil Meleney Bogdan Miscevic Elizabeth Morisette John Pack David Parker Jane Petit Caitlin Phillips George Sakkal Rima Schulkind Irma Spencer Brad Taylor Erwin Timmers Mariano Perez Vivanco Jodi Walsh Will Winton

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