Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Fort Collins Folly

As many of you may know, my new home, Fort Collins, Colorado is home to the magnificent New Belgium Brewery. The story behind New Belgium is pretty neat. Essentially this couple made batches of beer in their basement based on a recipe conceived on a Belgian bike trip. This beer became "Fat Tire"and they formed a brewery that was called "New Belgium". The story is cool because it embodies the philosophy of the company "Follow your Folly". Why am I telling you about this? Because it was sitting outside the New Belgium brewery that my husband and I decided to "Follow Our Folly" and purchase a house in Fort Collins that needed a MAJOR upgrade. That is what has found us now,three weeks into our residency in our new town STILL sleeping in sleeping bags. Essentially,we don't want our stuff delivered until the floors are done, which still might be quite a few weeks out. But, we have faith in our contractor, Sovick Designs, and we know this squatting won't be forever. The upside? My daughter has made new friends in the neighborhood, has started school and is adjusting wonderfully to the new city. Here are a few pictures of our place, so you can get an idea of what we are up against.

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