Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Last year, I was in a great show in York, Pennsylvania called "Arts & Industry". The lively curator, Donna Sylvester brought together artists with local businesses in York to created artwork. It was a great experience for me. I was paired with Adhesives Research. They provided a variety of tapes as well as people power to create an installation in the Yorkarts gallery.

During the shows installation, Yorkarts> sponsored the Writer's Eye competition. The Writer's eye competition was open to students in grades 4 through 12, college students, and adults. A compilation of the winning entries were gathered into a great book made possible due to the generous support of Yorkart members. I have posted some pictures of the installations the some of the writers responded to as well as their writings. What a great way to bridge several different creative enterprises!

AERIAL BURIAL Inspired by Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette's "Marrow 1 & 2"
by Emily Deardorff
1st place

Note the black mash of bruised mortar sky
and the heart of me unleashing its thin
cetaceous wail while the pestle
of moon grinds my ribcage
down to fine
ivory dust.

Bleached as bone, I cradel the small mound as salt from the deep, imponderable sea.

What it means to hold the marrow of your being
then blow it free as petals

falling through

Is what it means to stand between two
mirrors and watch yourself flower
out into an eternity wide as the
tusk of memory we carve
the elegies of dreams

Inspired by Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette's, "Metallic Basket"
by Macx Hoffacker
Grade 8, York Country Day School
2nd Place

In the rising sun a boat appears,
a symbol of those who have yet to come.
It's silver hull and entrance welcome,
For the river's outstretched arms.

As the sun sets as it always has,
The guardian slows while staying on course, careful to stay near the never ending shore.

Not far behind another arrives
And as the first-
Travels not far behind,
Never straying from the path laid before-
Its open bow.

Inspired by Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette's, "Metallic Basket"
by Jacob Danner
Grade 8, York Country Day School
3rd Place

A Metallic BAsket

Always collapsing on itself

With the appearance

Of an extremely heavy brain

Ever changing with a network

Of tunnels

Like and army any colony

That is alive and writhing in

Different pathways

That work their way to the core.

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