Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fundred Project Comes to Fort Collins

Community Artist extraordinaire, Mel Chin, came to visit Bennett IB World School last Friday. He was in town to help open CSU's new Arts Center Gallery. While he was here, he traveled around to four Poudre School District Schools to introduce his current Community Arts project, called "Fundreds". The initial phase of FUNDRED is a simple and fun classroom project. Each student is given one blank FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL to create their own unique artwork that they then have the option to donate to the project. Through the simple gesture of creating FUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS, people nationwide can take part in this giant performance supporting the rebuilding of New Orleans from below the ground up.
Once FUNDRED reaches its goal of 3 million artworks, a specially retrofitted armored truck, running on straight vegetable oil, will be deployed across the nation to pick up the 7,000 lbs. of FUNDRED DOLLAR drawings. FUNDRED guards driving the armored truck will deliver the art currency to Washington D.C., where we will request from Congress an “even exchange” of 300,000,000 FUNDRED DOLLARS for $300,000,000 in funds and services to support the implementation of OPERATION PAYDIRT’S solution to lead-related health and quality-of-life issues still challenging post-disaster New Orleans.
The kids responded to him and the project wonderfully. It was an honor that he came to the school and the project is such a great combination of art and science. You an find out more about getting involved with this project at theart 21 blog.

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