Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Harmony Hall 20 Year Retrospective Show installation shots

Here are a few photos of the “20 Years: A Retrospective” anniversary exhibit at Harmony Hall in Fort Washington, Maryland. This show invited all of the artists that have exhibited at Harmony Hall in the past 20 years to submit a piece for this great exhibit. Stuart Diekmeyer, Gallery Manager at Harmony Hall Regional Center did a great job installing all of these diverse works. He also took these photos. Thanks!

The Artists participating in “20 Years: A Retrospective” are
Kevin Allen, Lucy Arai, Lisa Austin, Patricia Autenrieth, Linda Behar, Mary Bero, Ed Bisese, Pamela Blotner, Amy Bryan, Melissa Burley, Sharon Cahn of Pluckings, Stevens Jay Carter, Hsin-Hsi Chen, Y.David Chung, Katharine Cobey, Chas Colburn, Gordie Corbin, Ann Crain, Dick D’Agostino, Timmerman Daugherty, Maria Madonna Davidoff, Marvin Delacruz Santos, Claudia DeMonte, Kathy Edwards, Ross M. Emerson, Frank Fishburne, Cianne Fragione, Alison Helm, Joel Hoffman, Aileen Horn, Arnold Hurley, Gary Irby, Diana Johnson, Kit-Keung Kan, Tom Kenyon, Suzanne Koch, Frank Kowing, Aletha Kushan, Tom Lindsay, Maria M. Lenches, Lee Malerich, Diana Manchak, Joey P. Manlapaz, Christine Medley, Elizabeth Morisette, Julian Oteyza, Mary D. Ott, Bob Peavy, Virgilio Rollamas, Jill Romanoke, Karen Schueler, Ronnie Spiewak, Marsha Staiger, Missy Stevens, Lou Stovall, Pam Sullivan, Bill Suworoff, Benjamin W. Svrjcek, Judy Switt, Sharon Trumbull, Diane Tuckman, Andrea Uravitch, Anita Van Rooy, Kathleen Varnell, Pamela Wedd Brown, and Deborah Younglao.

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