Friday, December 4, 2009

notBIG show in Chicago

Alright Chicago fans (I know you are out there!) Here is your opportunity to see my work. Logsdon 1909 Gallery on Halstead Street is doing a cool show of works no bigger than 12". I will have two pieces in the show, Stance and Scalp. Here is a list of other artists in the show:

Anna Membrino, Jacksonville, FL
April Wilkins, Chicago, IL
Benjamin Ober, Newburyport, MA
Cathy Joritz, Dortmund, Germany
Chrissy Deiger, Ottawa Hills, OH
Cynthia Milionis, San Francisco, CA
Dameon Lester, Long Beach, CA
David Hodge, Los Angeles, CA
Douglas Capron, Montreal Quebec, Canada
Elizabeth Morisette, Fort Collins, CO
Eva Xie, Rochester, NY
Everitt Clark, Arlington, VA
Gene Skala, Chicago, IL
Hans Habeger, Evanston, IL
J. Bertram White, Washington, DC
Jana Sim, Chicago, IL
Jared Ragland, Washington, DC
Jason Stick, Norfolk, VA
Jeffery Abt, Huntington Woods, MI
Jessica McCoy, Claremont, CA
Karen Murphy, Schaumburg, IL
Kate Shannon, Mansfield, OH
Kira Campbell, Morehead, KY
Kirk Williams, Denver, CO
Knoll + Cella, Honolulu, HI
Lacey Kim, Jersey City, NJ
Laurie LeBreton, Chicago, IL
Lorna Teixeira, San Luis Obispo, CA
M.A. Papanek-Miller, Chicago, IL
Mary Qian, Chicago, IL
Mia Capokilupo, Chicago, IL
Michael Sell, La Grande, OR
Olivier Tse, Chicago, IL
Renee Robbins, Chicago, IL
Ryan Schultz, Chicago, IL
Sally Hayden Gilmore, Hillsboro, OR
Stephen Wolochowicz, South Bend, IN

Go by and check it out!

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