Monday, May 2, 2011

New Work

Here are a few new pieces from the studio. Three Wall Pieces and Two Zipper Vessels. The wall pieces were all created by weaving on the frame loom. The titles are: (Left to right) VALVE (5"x7"x6" sewn zippers) CREEP (8"x7"x6"sewn zippers) MILKY WAY (19"x11" x2" Milk Tabs woven on a cotton warp) RINGY DINGY (8"x11" plastic rings woven on a cotton warp) BEJEWELED (16"x10" Beads woven on a cotton warp) All pieces are for sale.

1 comment:

Justin said...

Though I haven't yet seen your works in person, your artwork is charming, fun, and dynamic. By looking through your portfolio, I can say I'm a fan of your bags/bowls/hats, I'll have to look through your etsy store!