Saturday, April 14, 2007

Artomatic Finds

Went to the Artomatic opening tonight, what a turnout!!!! Not sure what the final numbers will be, but tons of people were there. What a great event! I took a few shots of some work that inspired me my first time through.

The first shot is of Laurel Lukaszewski's work. her work is wonderful! It looks soft,textural, even,but it is made from clay! Really awesome stuff. I missed her show at Project 4, I am glad she participated in Artomatic so I could see it in person. Bravo!

The second shot is of Tapestry artist "Nina". Her large tapestries are woven on a simple frame loom using Jute. They remind me of the Abakans that Magdalena Abakanowicz did in the 60's, only on a much smaller scale. I also noticed she has all of her supplies on hand so she can do weaving on site. Nice.

Next is Daniel Lobo's "Back to Work Series. I love it for its concept, I love it for its presence, I love it because it takes regular people and their every day drudge and makes it interesting. My favorite was an elderly woman and her friend/caregiver. I could have looked at this piece all night.


Daniel said...

Thanks! I'm really pleased that this work is triggering that reaction. Let's see if we can meet around the galleries before artomatic closes. It should be fun.
Best regards,

Daniel Lobo said...

Hi, glad to see that your work is moving some passionate reaction again, If things go well I should be there in the evening tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday. Let me know if you are around and we might be able to meet.