Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Artomatic Finds

More images from Artomatic Opening night.....first What Artomatic photo montage would be complete without a shout out to Mr. Tim Tate. What can I say? The man is unstopable. Shows, a successful Glass School, and besides that, he is really nice. I really liked this piece this for its #4077 look.

Next, Sondra Arkins copper and wire boxes. VERY different from the wildly vivid pieces on the opposite wall. Her and Ellen Weiss' work go so well together, I just want to move into their space.

Don't miss the monster adoption room. This guy is up for adoption along with a dozen other characters made by Sara Cronan using old socks and other recycled textiles. I bet they all find good homes by the shows end.

I also liked this piece by Jeanne Garant. The orbs in the middle of this painting are really great, organic and similar in shape and almost floating above the painting. Terriffic.

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