Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yet, more Artomatic

Last bit, I promise.

I have a shot of Raina Hassan's knitted portraits. these are small and intimate, like sitting at the kitchen table with your Grandmother. She also has the honor of being the City Paper's "Craftiest Bastard of the Week" this week. She collaborated with her roomates to create a great setting for their Art.

The next photo is of Michael Stebbins piece with pink bowling ball, shoes and bowling pin atop a lovely fur. I love this for its "HON-ness". Bringin' Baltimore down to Northern Virginia, lord knows they need it!

Next up is Chuck Baxter and his amazing glowing tower of chewed gum! I can only ask if he chewed it all himself, or did he have help?

And,yes, the lovely tic-tac cacti byKatie McKelveie. These appeal to me in so many ways, I cannot even begin to tell you. Thank you, Katie for having FUN with your art!!! I bet your breath isn't bad,either!

Finally, Sean Hennessey. His work is cool on a kind of working class way. Like, my husband's cousin, who works construction could look at these pieces and really get into this kind of Art. Not that he isn't artistic, he is very good at what he does, and I believe construction is a form of art itself, but these pieces use materials he is familiar with in an unfamiliar way. I like that.

whew! Thats it for tonight folks! Thanks for a great show!

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