Saturday, May 26, 2007

15x15 Mica Alumni Show

This piece, titled "Pucker" will be in the annual 15x15 show at Maryland Institute College of Art. Procceds of all sales go to the artist and the MICA scholarship fund. I felt a need to participate, since I recieved a scholarship when I was at MICA. This piece is made entirely of zippers. It measures 7"x5"x12". I worked on this a lot on travel. It is kind of neat to gauge people's reactions to art when you are woking on it in a public venue, like a plane. I find people often want to make it 'something'. When I was working on this piece, the most common remark was "What is it? A purse?" I just nod and let people make their own assumptions, telling them it is a sculpture seems to confuse folks more than anything. Still, I like the conversation, and I imagine the comments when they get to their destination. "This girl was making a purse out of zippers!" How ever you can alter or inspire, it works for me. Oh, the opening for this show is June 3rd from 1-4 in Fox Building’s Meyerhoff Gallery at 1303 Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD.

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