Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Handmaking Catalog and reviews

Here are some of my somewhat fuzzy pictures of "The Handmaking" They feature work by (Left to Right, Top to bottom) Margarita Caberera (CLEANING SUPPLIES), Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette (A CUT ABOVE), Christy Rupp (VIRUS NECKLACE), Polly Apelbaum (BABY LOVE 32).

This show has been reviewed by Edith Newhall from the Philadelphia Inquirer and Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof's artblog (

In her review, Newhall mentions one of my pieces in the following quote:

"The surprises were many, among them Annette Monnier's whimsical arrangement of fake flowers and beaded wires in a white plastic five-gallon can decorated with marker-drawn borders that looked vaguely Egyptian (eyes of different shapes and sizes; snakes swallowing the tails of other snakes, and the like); Francis Cape's beautifully carved facade of a cabinet; Margarita Cabrera's vinyl facsimiles of cleaning supplies; Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette's aggregation of cookie cutters; Christy Rupp's glass necklace of different virus shapes, Lee Stoezel's simple-but-eccentric wood lamp that looked like something Wharton Esherick would have admired, and Michael Manuel Barndt's lovely stained glass window composed of glass he unearths at dumps."

In addition, Abington Art Center printed a lovely catalog for the exhibit. I recived copies of it in yesterday's mail. It is a great show, and a great space, you should really check it out!

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