Monday, June 4, 2007

Artomatic Recap

I had a wonderful Artomatic experience this year. I really enjoyed my roommates, Carlos Rodriguez and Joseph Merchlinksy I also enjoyed installing a site-specific piece. It was challenging (as you can tell by the INCREDIBLE number of holes I had to put in the walls to get the villi to stay up) and very rewarding.

I must say thanks to all of the folks who put me in their top 10 and/or picks list for Artomatic 2007.
Sean Hennessey,Michael O'Sullivan,, Tammy Vitale, Krik Waldroff, Tracey Lee, mp hackmann, Sondra N. Arkin,Beth Baldwin, Roman Gershokovich, Rebecca Gordon(who took the pictures of the holes in the wall once digest was done..uhem), Genevieve Lynn, and Julia Morelli.

Thanks everyone! Can't wait until next Artomatic!

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