Friday, June 1, 2007

Open Studio This Sunday

This Sunday from 1-5 I will have an open studio at the Greenbelt Community Center. You can see this this piece I recently completed titled "Keep This Coupon". This basket was made from tickets collected by the Greenbelt Elementary School PTA at their annual "Spring Fair". You can also see the piece I am working on for the SITEDC project, a group of works created for specific sites along DC's 14th street corridor. It is titled "Shoe Tree" and is made of shoe laces and cotton webbing. I am also working on the felted tapestry for Brockbridge Elementary School. (See what I mean, busy, busy...but busy is good.)

Along with visiting the Artists in Residence, there will be many other activities going on throughout the Greenbelt Community Center and Greenbelt City for Greenbelt Day weekend. Hope to see you around town!

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