Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tapestry workshop at Duke's Shoe Repair

On Saturday, July 21, I will run a free art workshop at Duke's Shoe repair, 2000 14th Street, Washington, DC. This workshop is part of SITEPROJECTS DC. SITEPROJECTS DC is a group of installations and art happenings on the 14th Street cooridor of Washington DC. The project was curated by Welmoed Laanstra for the wpa/c. I was chosen by her to participate by creating a piece for Duke's Shoe Repair. The piece I created is called "Shoe Tree". It is a 5' x 6 1/2' tapestry made of shoelaces and cotton webbing. While I was installing the piece, a woman came in and asked how to do it and if she could teach her kids the technique. She gave me the idea to do a workshop. I spoke with Duke about it and he was into the idea. He even donated some shoelaces for the workshop and the finished pieces will hang in the shoe repair shop alongside the "Shoe Tree" piece. Hope to see you there!

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