Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Community Arts at Shrine Mont Continued....

The second project we did this weekend at Shrine Mont was crazy hats. Essentially, we cut up strips of paper and then stapled them together in sculptural hats of every shape and size. This project is one I have done quite often with several community groups. It started during the celebration for the new playground at the Stadium Place YMCA in Baltimore. Where two of my classmates in the Master's of Community Arts Program and I had to create an interactive project for community members to participate in during the celebration. We actually thought the project was going to be about making bracelets, but the participants started making hats out of the slips of paper, the rest is history. I have done the project for Greenbelt New Year and I even did the project at the Elementary School I went to in Salt Lake City (Twin Peaks Elementary) when I visited there last year! I might blog about that later, just so I can post those photos.

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