Monday, October 15, 2007

Prayer Flag Community Arts Project at Shrine Mont

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has a lovely retreat center called "Shrine Mont" it is an old resort centered around a shrine built entirely out of local rocks. There are also several springs in the area. It is beautiful this time of year, leaves are begining to change and the mountain air is crisp and clean. Our church, Saint Andrews of College Park, Maryland goes to Shrine Mont this time every year. Every year I am called upon to create some sort of Community Art project for the folks of Saitn Andrews to participate in. This year we did Prayer Flags. Based on the idea of Tibetan Prayer Flags, I gave each participant a flag with a print on it, they then drew on it or wrote words to remind them of what they wanted to reflect on or pray about while at Shrine Mont. We then tied the flags together and hung them on the "Maryland House" which was the building where we were all staying. The idea of prayers flying up to heaven as the fabric unravels has always been mystical to me. The flags really looked beautiful in the mountain sunlight. I hope your weekend was as nice as mine. enjoy!

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