Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love the internet! I found a lovely blogger named "Quilter Beth". She visited the FIBER TWENTY TEN exhibit in St. Charles, MO, at the Foundry Art Centre. and did a very good job of describing some of the pieces in the show. You can check out her blog HERE. She also talked about my piece that is in the show, CHAMBER POT (pictured here). Thanks Quilter Beth!

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Quilter Beth said...

I LOVE posting pictures of beautiful fiber art (giving appropriate credit to the artist of course) on my blog. I loved your piece. Some shows make it very difficult to share ANY pictures (requiring permission from the show and artist...i.e. the AQS quilt show in Paducah). As an artist, I would like people to see my art (even if they can't go to the actual show). I try to share pictures whenever I can. Thanks for the link to my blog. I'll link to yours too.