Thursday, April 15, 2010


Girl Scout Troop 2258 has been chosen to design three Transformer Murals for the City of Fort Collins. We plan on working with the participants at Elderhaus to create these murals. Here are pictures of two of our proposed cabinet and our descriptive paragraph about the project.

Hi this is Girl Scout Troop 2258 and these are our ideas and descriptions for our transformer cabinets. The people in the Elderhaus class will help us with the design of these cabinets by providing handprints, drawings, memories or colors to bring out their personalities. We will use have several ways to incorporate these ideas. The first transformer cabinet will have traced hands, we will trace the hands of the Elderhaus participants and ourselves as well as people who might stop by and look at our work. These tracings will be filled with colors and designs to make a vibrant display. The second Transformer Cabinet will have colorful spots all over it. These spots represent the people of Fort Collins. The Third Transformer Cabinet will be a combination of several designs. All of these designs will have drawings of the memories of the Elderhaus participant inside them. Some designs are geometric, some are organic blobs and some are wavy lines representing the Poudre River.

The best part is, the Girls are running this show, with a little help from their leaders and parents. It should be an exciting Summer!

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