Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Resurrections: ECO-logy and ECO-nomy A Functional Trash-Art Exhibition

Canyon Gallery
Boulder Public Library
1001 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, Colorado80302
May 1 to June 30, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, May 7, 5-7 p.m.

The Canyon Gallery presents Resurrections: ECO-logy and ECO-nomy, coordinated by Jennifer Heath. Resurrections addresses our enormous waste and ways in which we can reclaim and transform materials from the scrap heap. Works of functional art are made form trash – from bottle caps, water bottles, tin cans, plastic bags and plastic-coated wire to old tires and other clean rubbish.

Included in the exhibition are insights from the future generation. EcoHero Capes is created by children in he Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Art Stop on the Go” children’s art program. Molly Hoverstock’s Casey Middle School Art class considers the plights of undersea creatures. Books of poetry by children from Lise Blumenthal’s fifth graders at Whittier Elementary School describe Things to Save and Recycled Language.

Three satellite shows are also on display. Rising Tides: Trashing the Ocean is built around ten panels that demonstrate the ubiquity of plastic waste in our oceans. Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Nuclear Waste describes our invisible “ultimate trash,” leftovers from our continuing expansion of nuclear power. The library’s bridge display case features Reincarnation: Deconstruction and the Building Material Life Cycle, an exhibit by ReSource Woodworks, from May 3 to May 30.

The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art hosts Upcycled: Summer Collection 2010, fashions made from trash, June 11 to September 3, curated by Joan Markowitz with Jennifer Heath.

Additionally, a variety of related theatre, film, and musical events take place throughout May and June (see attached calendar).

Artists and participants in Resurrections, Rising Tides, Twilight’s Last Gleaming, Reincarnation, and Upcycled, include: Kim Abeles, Joan Anderson, Jessica Moon Bernstein, Ken Bernstein, Andy Billip, Elizabeth Bisbing, Lise Blumenthal, Margarita Blush, ChaCha, Spencer Clark, Priscilla Cohan, Annette Coleman, Jack Collom, Shannon Crothers, Robert Del Tredici, Barbara Donachy, Engineers Without Borders/Afghans4Tomorrow, Kate Fitzgerrell, Kristine Fitzgerrell, Carlos Fresquez, Sara Goldenberg, Emma Hardy, Shere Holleman, Jane Hollo, Molly Hoverstock, Lynne Hull, Libby James, Judith Selby Lang, Richard Lang, Mary Ellen Long, Aura Liesveld, Karen Mandery, Elizabeth Morisette, Nuclear Guardianship Ethic, Ellen Orleans, ReplayGround, Aaron Ristau, Elizabeth Rulli, Jane Saltzman, Kristine Smock, Marilyn Stablein, Rozie Vajda, Melanie Yazzie.

Funded in part by the Boulder Arts Commission.

With special thanks to Heidi Hillenbrand, Greg Ravenwood, Donna Gartenmann, Meagan Forney, Heather Braithwaite and the Boulder Green Building Guild, Marda Kirn and EcoArts Connections, Shaun LaBarre and ReSource, Joel Haertling, Carol Heepke, Juliette Bartsch, Joan Markowitz, David Dadone, Shannon Crothers, and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

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